A Place of Remembrance . . . How Could Anyone Forget?

This morning we toured the sobering Holocaust museum, called Yad Vashem.

The Hebrew words Yad Vashem means, “a hand and a name,” an idiom from Isaiah 56:5 that refers to a memorial.

A place of remembrance. How could anyone forget?

Every time I go to the museum, I visit the “Row of Righteous Gentiles.” A row of trees planted in dedication to individuals like Corrie Ten Boom, Oskar Schindler, and many others, honors those Gentiles who risked their lives by sheltering and helping the Jews during a time when few did.

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Sapphire Bus 6
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Selfie in Israel

This is what happens when you ask John Adair, bus 13 bible professor, to take a photo of you with your wife at the Garden Tomb. Yes, that’s right; he takes a photo of himself.  Good bible professor, not so good photographer.
Chris Baggett
Eggplant Bus 13

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