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Olive Press at Nazareth Village


Our “Ha Chet-zi” (“we didn’t know the half of it” from I Kings 10:7) moment today was hearing the description of the olive press at Nazareth Village compared to that of our Lord at Gethsemane (“olive press” in Hebrew). Three times the olives are pressed.  Three times our Lord was pressed as he prayed in the garden.  Three times the olives take pressure from all sides,  being squeezed until their insides are squeezed out.  Three times our Lord prayed,  wrenching out his insides as he faced the cross,  the weight of our sin,  and the pain of separation from the Father, sweating great drops of blood.

My wife and I immediately looked at each other realizing that we “never knew the half of it.”

Bryan and Cindy Boyce
Parker, CO
Coral Bus 8

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