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King Saul Hung at Beth-shan

During the reign of King Saul, the Philistines controlled Beth-shan. The army of Israel fought the Philistines on nearby Mount Gilboa, and King Saul and his sons were killed. Their bodies hung in effigy on the walls of nearby Beth-shan until Hebrews from Jabesh-gilead recovered them (1 Samuel 31).

As our entire tour group sat in the theater today, Reg Grant portrayed one of these brave Hebrews who reclaimed Saul’s body from the wall. Chuck Swindoll gave a message on King Saul, which challenged each of us to evaluate our lives for spiritual erosion.

Am I following God with my whole heart?

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Sapphire Bus 6
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Avoid Erosion


What an awesome setting to hear from Chuck Swindoll on the dangers of Erosion in our walk with Christ. Sitting in the theater at Beth-Shan, made of mostly original blocks of several thousand year-old limestone, it was interesting to see parts here and there that had been reconstructed to show what it looked like before the silent, slow, and subtle erosion of centuries.  Unlike the original blocks where the eroded corners were rounded and edges were chipped,  the reconstructed parts had crisp corners and sharp edges. How very similar to the the starched and ironed clothes we wear to church so no one will ask us about the erosion in our souls.
In the attached picture,  the column on the left is reconstructed to show what the eroded column base on the right would have looked like when new.
Cindy and I have already begun the soul-searching, discussions and prayer we’ll need to identify and stop the erosion in our own lives.

Cindy and Bryan Boyce
Parker, CO
Coral Bus 8

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